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The C words – for English speakers

The C Words at Le Clos du Verger:

Country cottages, Careful decisions, COVID – 19,  and Cancellations

Life in the country – Walking back from the boulangerie. March 2020

The current emergency has made us all stop and think, and we totally understand why some of our Customers might need to Cancel their booking.  Others are still expecting to come for their holiday here, and we will welcome you most warmly (but without physical contact!). We even have some new direct reservations, although I am delaying their payments until we know they can go ahead. So, as your holiday time approaches, keep in touch with us so that between us we can share information and monitor what is happening.

As I write this, on the morning of the 26th March, our huge region, which is called Nouvelle Aquitaine, is still comparatively healthy compared to much heavier concentrations of infection across France. The country is now in its second week lock down and we ourselves are expecting to stay closed to the end of April and into May.  We have had to cancel our planned holidays to the UK.  To find out more about the up to date situation in France check out this web site  www.santepubliquefrance.fr

Travelling here on holiday within the next month is not a good idea, and what a shame because the spring here is beautiful. Thereafter the peak should be behind us and we will have to see what happens.

If you do need to Cancel because of documented Coronavirus restrictions, we will be as kind to you as we can! See the section below on cancellation. Note that France has just introduced new regulations that allow us to offer you a postponement of your booking for up to 18 months if your holiday cannot go ahead at the moment because of the Covid-19 restrictions. If you are unable to take up that arrangement by the end of 18 months, then we reimburse you for all sums paid.


Frills or No Frills

Here the beds are made up for your arrival and towels provided, for the full service. But you could cut that out with a No Frills booking.


Some people may prefer to bring their own bedlinen and towels in the Current Climate. So we are starting a No Frills option for new bookings arriving at Gite 1, Chez le Charpentier.

NO FRILLS OPTION: Only 45 euros a night for up to 2 people, self-catering, but no bedlinen or towels or toiletries offered, and no welcome picnic basket.  Minimum rental 3 nights and direct bookings by phone or via the website only.

The full price advertised on our Prices page will continue to include our full provision of bedlinen, towels, toiletries, welcome basket and more beside. If using the website, choose your dates as normal but if you want a No frills version, let me know and I’ll make the apply the appropriate discount to your booking.


If you are wondering whether to book for later in the year you may wish to know that we are very Careful about Cleaning, and are following the recommended protocols, for our own good as well as yours.

Le Clos du Verger Reservations

Self Catering

You have a fully equipped kitchen for your sole use.

Cancellations for documented COVID-19 restrictions

All we will normally Charge you on Cancellation is the non-refundable deposit of 80 euros per week or part week booked, that you agreed to in our Contract, no matter why you are cancelling. We just seek to cover our advertising and admin costs for your booking by this low deposit figure, nothing more than that. We would of course provide the paperwork you need for your travel insurer.

We will also offer you other dates, if you prefer to postpone, rather than cancel. If you take up this option then there is a timescale of 18 months for you to take your holiday. If at the end of that time you have not taken the proffered holiday, then we reimburse you in full. And if, before that time period has elapsed, we are no longer in a position to provide the holiday, then of course we would also reimburse you in full.

If you booked via an online travel agent (OTA) such as Airbnb or Home Away,  we don’t see any of your payments until after your arrival, so from that point of view your response is first to cancel via their sites rather than directly to us. You paid them a fee, over and above our accommodation rates, which covers their assurances and guarantees. With some of them this has, up to now, included a full refund for Corona Virus related cancellations for holidays due within a specified time frame, but France’s new regulation regarding postponement may change this approach.

We recommended taking out travel insurance and with this in mind we will therefore normally expect to do the same for OTA bookings as for direct bookings and retain the deposit payment mentioned in our Contract, which we emailed you at the point of booking. If you are reaching the point of 3 weeks before your arrival when your balance payment is due, according to our contract, and you decide that the circumstances are not right to continue your travel plans because of COVID-19 restrictions, then we guarantee to refund that balance payment (i.e. the property rental figure minus 80 euros) if you have paid it early.  We will definately not refund any non accommodation charge imposed on you by the booking web site, such as a booking fee, as this is outside our remit.

However if you make a new booking with us now, it may be that an insurer won’t cover your loss if you have to cancel for reasons related to Covid-19 , so we are adopting a different procedure for new 2020 bookings or for existing customers who wish to postpone their dates. If you decide to postpone, we will deduct the deposit you have already paid off the cost of the new booking dates.


  1. Let us know why you are cancelling and provide proof. If your reason for cancelling is because you are not allowed to travel because of the Corona Virus we won’t hold you to the balance of payment due for your holiday accommodation, and even if you have already paid it, we will refund it. Email jane.appel@orange.fr
  2. If you are making a new booking, but the progression of events relating to the Coronavirus means that you have to cancel, we will be very flexible about offering you new dates for your stay .

And of course, we all hope that you don’t have to cancel and that you can come and enjoy a wonderful and restful holiday here. We’ll shortly be opening up the 2021 calendar, so that we can all think ahead once the current restrictions have played their part in restoring us all to a more normal routine. Check the dates with the reservation link on this page.

Stay safe and well and please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

And if you can’t get here for real, join me for a walk round our grounds that I’ll post this weekend, and see what else we are up to on our Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/ClosduVerger/

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