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The C words – for English speakers

The C Words at Le Clos du Verger: Country cottages, Careful decisions, COVID – 19,  and Cancellations The current emergency has made us all stop and think, and we totally understand why some of our Customers might need to Cancel their booking.  Others are still expecting to come for their holiday here, and we will welcome you most warmly (but without physical contact!). We even have some new direct reservations, although I am delaying their payments until we know they can go ahead. So, as your holiday time approaches, keep in touch with us so that between us we can share information and monitor what is happening. As I write this, on the morning of the 26th March, our huge region, which is called Nouvelle Aquitaine, is still comparatively healthy compared to much heavier concentrations of infection across France. The country is now in its second week lock down and we ourselves are expecting to stay closed to the end of April and into May.  We have had to cancel our planned holidays to the UK.  To find out more about the up to date situation in France check out this web site  www.santepubliquefrance.fr Travelling here on holiday within the next month is not a good idea, and what a shame because the spring here is beautiful. Thereafter the peak should be behind us and we will have to see what happens. If you do need to Cancel because of documented Coronavirus restrictions, we will be as kind to you as we can! See the section below on cancellation. Note that France has just introduced new regulations that allow... read more

Appels and apples

It is ten and a half years ago since Martin and I changed our lives to leave our lovely part of the UK for a long term adventure in France. Three years later, once the worst of the rebuilding work was behind us, we dug out some less tatty clothes than our normal attire and we married here in the Mairie in the village.

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